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Would you like to be more fully engaged, joyful, able to handle and release stress, recharge and regenerate easily?

This is a path where we naturally awaken, heal and transform ourselves to be true to our core purpose and meaning of life. We do this through workshops, classes in personal energy skills, and private coaching.

Science has now proven that our emotions, body and mind are all interconnected in a dynamic balance. How we age, our vitality, and how we heal, are all related to that balance.  

Unresolved emotions from past events, and current events block the healthy flow of energy in our body. Incomplete and unexpressed emotions such as anger, fear, shame, regret sadness and uncertainty can lead to stress, illness and disease. 

When suppressed, we lose our ability to access our positive emotions such happiness and joy.

Energy medicine starts from the premise that your body naturally knows and continually strives to be in a healed state. The actual work is steeped in modern science and traditional healing methods. What distinguishes energy medicine is a pathway to self healing by awakening your own intuition and connection between mind body and spirit


Greg Asbury is a gifted healer and business leader. He has worked with world leaders including the President of the U.N. and other heads of state to map out pathways to a future that recognize the possibility of global change and peace.  He also works personally with clients to realize their own power and manifest new possibilities. Greg understands the challenges and needs of how one dreams and weaves new realities.

Greg is a graduate of Healing the Light Body School® founded by Alberto Villoldo PhD.  He has trained with others including: Betsy Bergstrom, Deepak Chopra, Michael Harner, and indigenous shamans of the Andes, the Amazon, and SE Asia. 

His personal journey began with a life-threatening illness at the age of 50, which led him away from a successful business practice to find healing traditions. After years of study and apprenticeship, people began to seek him out for his energy healing and experienced remarkable results. Slowly, he realized his true calling in life; to be a healer. Today, he sees clients in private sessions and leads classes in personal energy.