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The Tummy Team

The Tummy Team is a group of highly trained Core Rehabilitation Specialists™ who use a unique approach of neuromuscular re-education and functional integration to help you heal. The Tummy Team effectively treats common conditions that plague mothers like Diastasis recti, low back pain, sciatica, umbilical hernias, pubic bone pain and preparing physically for childbirth and birth recovery.  

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Woke Baking

Our Founder Jon O'Keeffe, a long time baker decided that he needed to change how he fundamentally lived his life. Changing to a vegan lifestyle, Jon noticed that there was an opportunity to bring great tasting products to market that happened to also be vegan or gluten free...The concept for Woke Baking was born! Enlightenment comes in many forms. Ours comes in all natural, vegan, small batch cookies that taste magical, have a low glycemic-index and are made with sustainably sourced ingredients.  

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