Unitus Community Credit Union


You work hard for your money. Shouldn’t your money work hard for you?

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Unitus is a modern financial institution for hard-working people who are going places. For people who have big dreams for the future and the guts to make them real. For people who want to be smart about money and turn their knowledge into wisdom. You are officially invited to become part of the movement, millions strong and growing, to turn your dreams into reality.

Get more out of your money with better savings rates and lower interest loans.

Access your cash anywhere, surcharge-free, with a nationwide ATM network. Manage your money anytime, anywhere through mobile and online banking. Let nothing slow you down.

Arm yourself with state-of-the-art fraud protection and federally-backed deposits to keep your money and information safe.

Experience warm, friendly service made with honest advice prepared for you and only you. We understand you because we take the time to listen and develop personal relationships with our members.

Transparency in banking – it’s not a pipe dream. It’s been here at Unitus, wondering when you’d show up. You can break free from the old way of thinking. You can control your future and live the life you want to live, on your terms and on your time.

Joining is easy. Transferring balances is simple. Don’t be left behind. Join Unitus and let’s get moving to build a bigger, better, brighter future for you and your loved ones.