Sheryl Stephens

Founder of Our City Cares

Owner and Operator of Green Meadows Care Home

Sheryl photo 2018 - Sheryl Stephens.jpg

Youth Suicide Prevention

Sheryl is a wife, mom and local business owner who also started a movement of hope and an organization called Our City Cares. The organization exist to unite city governments, schools, business people and churches around the tragedy of suicide. Sheryl knows first hand the pain of loosing a loved one to suicide. Her son Jon very unexpectedly took his own life in August of 2016. The epidemic of suicide is far to big of a problem for any one entity to combat. Our City Cares is most known locally for its Signs of Hope campaign whose impact currently is very visible around town. The campaign runs Sept -November (9-11) However was invited to go through the school year locally. Sheryl is a new author who wrote about her healing journey in her booklet called Walking Through Tragedy with Victory. Her story of how her faith, and community has come around her and literally walk her through what most would agree is a parents worst nightmare.


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