Kaleigh Boysen, LMFT

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Kaleigh Boysen, LMFT 

Kaleigh Boysen, LMFT 


Mindful Parenting

Kaleigh Boysen helps parents support their children's emotional health as well as their own. As a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Parent Coach, Kaleigh works with parents to help them understand their children's behavior and teach them the tools they need to guide their children through social and emotional challenges. Prior to becoming a therapist, Kaleigh had a career as a pre-K and elementary school teacher and has always enjoyed working with children. After becoming a parent herself she found a new appreciation for the overwhelming challenges that parenthood can bring and felt called to help other parents navigate these challenges, while drawing on both personal experience as a parent and her expertise in child development and education.

Website: http://www.kaleighboysenlmft.com/

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