She Found Her Purpose at the Intersection of Skill and Passion

Kelly believes in a holistic functionally approach to reach core strength

After Kelly Dean, MPT had three children she did not recover the way she expected. After going to three doctors, two physical therapists and a plastic surgeon for weakness, protruded tummy, severe back pain, and weak core muscles, she was not any closer to finding a solution to her symptoms. In fact many mom’s share some or all of the following common symptoms: distended belly, back pain, poor posture, pelvic floor problems, urinary leakage, and sciatica. Kelly was determined to get to the core source of her symptoms and after her own extensive research found an under-diagnosed and undertreated yet common syndrome for postpartum moms--Diastasis Recti, a separated (stretched) abdominal wall.

After discovering a diagnosis for her pain and discomfort, 9 ½ years ago, Kelly began to help others through her business ‘The Tummy Team’. The Tummy Team has three physical therapists and offers a variety of services to improve and restore core strength.

Kelly is a sponsor of the Camas Wellness Festival because she is a committed resource to the Camas community. As part of her mission to provide ongoing education and outreach, Kelly provides CEU’s and has an apprentice program for practitioners. Kelly also attends and teaches physicians at OHSU’s Grand Rounds.

 “Although our primary focus is moms and women, our services help men and athletes as well. In addition, we have a training outreach program for practitioners teaching doulas, chiropractors, restorative fitness practitioners, birth professionals, physicians, and surgeons,” says Kelly.

Come see Kelly at the Camas Wellness Festival on Saturday, October 13th at 11:30am at Evolutions Preschool for Reclaiming Your Body in the Midst of Motherhood.

About Kelly Dean

Kelly is a physical therapist specializing in the rehabilitation of the internal muscles of the abdominals and back. Kelly performed her undergraduate work at University of New Mexico, where she also swam competitively for four years. She received her master’s degree in physical therapy from University of North Dakota in 1997. Kelly loves to teach people about the body’s amazing design and intended function. ~ Read More