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A Passion Project from a Mom’s Heart

Erika Levy has combined her skills in sales, marketing and event planning with her passion to create a network of resources to bring community together. The result is an impressive event full of education, information, classes and helpful insights for parents, children and families October 13th at the Camas Wellness Festival. The festival is a day - long event that provides education about socially relevant issues her community, and really all communities face today.

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A Mom’s Personal Experience Leads to Community Activism

Kimberly Berry knows personally the difficulty in finding resources when a child struggles with mental health issues. Kimberly is the mom of two children with mental health diagnoses. Because of her personal experiences, Kimberly learned about the stigma, shame and confusion that surrounds mental health issues.  She took action and is now an advocate and coach for mental health awareness, helping other parents in her community who struggle to find resources and solutions for kids with mental health issues.

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