Body Image and Self Image  - Let’s Get Real


Dr. Tiffany Denny is the Executive Director Embody Love Movement, a presenting Sponsor of this year’s Camas Wellness Festival. She described the movement as one advocating for girls and women to recognize that their value lies in who they are and what they stand for, not in their outer appearance.

Embody Love Movement is a worldwide organization with certified facilitators who lead workshops focusing on the mental, social, and overall wellbeing of girls, teens and women. Workshops are experiential with activities that focus on dismantling the beauty myth through media literacy, noticing the inner critic, and changing conversations from criticism to kindness. These workshops intend to facilitate a new understanding and awareness of  healthy body image, self-worth, and acceptance for females of all ages, and encourages women to get in the habit of supporting and uplifting other women.

“We seek to facilitate courageous conversations between participants that show them they are not alone in their struggle for self acceptance, nor are they immune to unconscious conditioning about gender roles and beauty. Our hope is that our participants uncover that their own worth, as well as the worth of other women, cannot be measured against any “standard.” If they can let go of chasing impossible standards, they will be free to explore and experience the things in life that really matter,” Dr. Denny explains.

Embody Love Movement chose to participate in the Camas Wellness Festival because the program topics promoting mental, social, and physical wellness are in alignment with the work of the Embody Love Movement. Three Embody Love Movement Workshops were held during the festival, one for each age group.

About Dr. Tiffany Denny

Tiffany is a yoga therapist and physical therapist with a passion for facilitating a deeper understanding of physical and energetic anatomy in service of the development of a healthy, positive relationship with the body. She currently serves as the Executive Director of Embody Love Movement, and is thrilled to support faculty member Minta Allred, and facilitators Zoe Kromer and Erika Levy as they offer Embody Love programs in the Pacific Northwest.

SponsorErika Levy