Putting the Care back in Health Care

Dr. Shannon Anhorn, DC, owner of Cloud Chiropractic Clinic, jumped onboard to participate and sponsor the Camas Wellness Festival because it aligns with her mission to support women, community and children. As a mom of 16 month old identical twin boys, her commitment for community support runs deep.

Cloud Chiropractic Clinic is a thriving clinic and poised to bring two more Chiropractors into the fold. Shannon attributes her success to relationship building and working well with community medical team members to develop best care practices and collaborate with a health plan for each patient tailored to their physical, mental, emotional, and holistic needs. Shannon’s highest work value is the care of patients, and believes that it is essential to “Put the care back in health care. We take the time it takes to care for each and every one of our patients”.

Dr. Shannon is an advocate for self-care for moms. As a mom with young twins she has tailored her personal self-care plan to be modified and realistic for busy moms.

Shannon’s list of daily self-care strategies are:

1.     Hydroflask – Shannon has her own Hydroflask so liquids inside stay hot for coffee or tea without needing to microwave, and prevents spilling.

2.     Eating – Shannon makes sure to eat all of her meals without sitting in front of the computer or cell phone. Her rule, eating without electronics helps mindfulness and digestion.

3.     Exercise – A busy mom often runs out of time in the day for her own exercise program so Shannon recommends combining play and exercise. When you take kids to the park, for instance, get your jumping in and increase your activities with kids until you break a sweat.

4.     Bedtime –Shannon has a hard fast rule. No computer, cell or any other electronics one half hour before bed to ensure relaxation and a better nights’ sleep.

5.     Meditation – Make sure to stop for a five minute meditation every day. This increases calmness, mindfulness, and presence.

6.     Work – Multi-Tasking Doesn’t work. Stay present with your children and save work for when you can focus without distraction. When you combine caregiving with work, you can’t give your best. 

About Shannon and Cloud Chiropractic Clinic

Since opening in 2014 in Camas, Cloud Chiropractic Clinic specializes in pregnancy, postpartum, women’s health and pediatrics. In addition, Cloud Chiropractic treats family wellness, auto accidents, and sports performance.

Dr. Shannon Anhorn DC is a Board Certified Chiropractic Physician and Craniosacral Therapist. Dr. Shannon is certified in Webster Technique, a chiropractic specific technique to help optimize pelvic alignment during pregnancy. She received her Doctorate of Chiropractic from the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon. She also obtained a Bachelor of Science from Oregon State University in Biology.