A Passion Project from a Mom’s Heart

Erika Levy combined her skills in sales, marketing and event planning with her passion for yoga to create an event bringing community together to provide resources that empower families. The result is an impressive event full of education, information, classes and helpful insights for parents, children and families October 13th at the Camas Wellness Festival. The festival is a day - long event that provides education about socially relevant issues her community, and really all communities are facing in today’s world.

“I moved to Camas two years ago when my kids were 1 and 3. In looking for support, connection and community, I found MOMS Club of Camas/ Washougal,” says Erika, “I joined the club as an Executive Board Member serving two roles as the Director of Community Service Projects and Membership VP. It helped me overcome postpartum depression to be of service to my community, and I also made some amazing friends in the process.”

What started as a community service project for Dance Evolution, a local non profit promoting health and wellness, has now become something much bigger. She came across alarming statistics that are also shared by many of other communities today. “I read about multiple teen suicides at our local high school; which all happened within a year’s time. My daughter is just entering Kindergarten, and I’m invested in creating a healthy environment for my kids. That includes providing opportunities to nurture and develop their social-emotional well being. When children know how to self regulate, they do better in life.”

In meeting practitioners in Camas and surrounding areas, a plan came together to create this community wellness festival as a way for parents to learn skills to help their kids succeed, from infancy through high school.

Says Erika, “I thought about the type of festival I wanted to attend as a parent and built content around that. It’s just too bad I’ll be too busy teaching to attend the sessions myself! I was amazed by all of the women (Speakers, Teachers and Sponsors) who came together to offer FREE resources for mental health, women’s health and wellness as a gift to our community.”

Join her during the festival for:


Erika is the owner of Empress Yoga and is a mobile yoga instructor servicing woman, infants, and children mindfully. She serves on the Executive Board of MOMS Club of Camas, an international nonprofit organization serving moms, children and families. Erika is the mom to two toddlers, a wife, a certified Yoga Instructor, Childrens Yoga Instructor and facilitator of Embody Love Workshops.