The Academic Happiness Paradox


Aurora Remember Holtzman is a middle school psychologist committed to her students’ well being, safety and happiness. She knows that focusing on academics alone and neglecting kids’ physical, emotional and social needs decreases academic performance and overall happiness; In fact, this lopsided attention to other needs is one of the root causes of an increase in student anxiety.

For that reason, Aurora is participating in the Camas Wellness Festival as speaker on the topic ‘Performance Culture and Academic Stress. She explains, “We have seen a general increase in anxiety with students for a variety of reasons. The combination of social media exposure and academic expectation creates a ‘perceived’ competition for kids in their academic performance. This shows up especially with kids who are on either end of the learning spectrum. Gifted kids feel disengaged, and struggling kids feel pressure.”

Aurora believes that a holistic approach to learning is essential for healthy and happier students. She is lending her support to the Camas Wellness Festival because she aligns with the festival’s holistic approach to parenting, raising healthy kids and creating a more well-informed community.


Aurora is a thought leader, a pioneer in the human potential movement, a school psychologist, an advocate, speaker, and hosts a podcast “Embracing Intensity”. Aurora is also a wife, and mom to a ten year old son. Visit Aurora at